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Japan Duty Free GINZA


Japan Duty Free GINZA


Shadow and light. Front and back. Soft and hard. Weak and strong.

The world revolves around pairs of

contradictory, yet complementary, principles.

This idea of synergistic opposites is at the heart of our duty free shop.

On the 8th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi,

a highly urban setting, you’ll find déco

evocative of nature. Here, international brands

and traditional Japanese crafts sit side by side.

We value not only objects visible to the eye

but the spirit of hospitality visible only to the heart.

Japan Duty Free GINZA.

Located at the Ginza 4-Chome crossing,

this unique establishment seamlessly fuses

aspects of traditional duty free shops with

fresh new elements, heightening both to create

a store unlike anything the world has ever seen.

A single word cannot describe it.

It is new, but offers glimpses of tradition.

It is vibrant, but possesses a stately elegance.

Only in engaging each of your senses

will you truly come to grasp the depth of what it offers.

So come and experience the excitement and freedom

of duty free shopping as never before.