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Japan Duty Free GINZA

Events and Promotions

  • November【Suntory】Whiskey Lottery Sales Event
  • Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building8F
  • November【Suntory】Whiskey Lottery Sales Event
  • November Suntory Lottery Sales Event, Winners announced

    Our selected winners are listed below.

    ◆Hakusyu 25yrs



    ◆Hibiki 30yrs


    ◆Hakusyu 18yrs



    ◆Hibiki 21yrs




    ◆Yamazaki 18yrs




    Please bring a application form to our store Japan Duty Free Ginza and purchase before 4 days of your departure date.

    Purchasing Deadline

    2022/11/22(Tue) 2022/12/27(Tue)

    Flight within

    2022/12/1(Thu) 2022/12/31(Sat)

    ※Please purchase before 4days of your departure date.

    ※Please note that you cannot purchase after the purchase deadline, 2022/12/27.

    If you do not purchase until the departure date registered in the application form and do not hear from you, your win will be automatically invalid.


    Payment will be accepted only by Cash, Credit Card, Union Pay card, Alipay and WechatPay.

    (Coupons, Credit Gift Cards, etc are not accepted )

    Besides Passport, customers may be asked to show their identification Card.

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