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Events and Promotions

  • 【Suntory】Whiskey Lottery Sales Event
  • 【Suntory】Whiskey Lottery Sales Event
  • Following items are on the lottery sales.

    ■Applicable Items

    【YAMAZAKI  25years  250,000円×1】   【YAMAZAKI 18years  50,000円×10】

    【HIBIKI       30years  250,000円×1】    【HIBIKI   21years  50,000円×10】

    【HAKUSYU  25years  250,000円×1】

      Lottery Date 2020/08/13(Thu)

      Registration Period 2020/7/28(Tue) ~ 2020/8/11(Tue)

    For registration, please fill up the “Suntory Lottery Sales Registration Form” and hand it to the staffs at Liquor & Tabaco Area. After that we will hand you the Lottery ticket at same time. You will need this ticket to buy the items in case you win the lottery. So, please keep the ticket safely until the lottery date. Only the applicant can purchase the items. (Authorization letter is not applicable.)

    ※Due to Corono virus, we are sorry to announce that the Lottery Sales Event will not be held at our store.Only the customers who have registered before the announcement day will be applicable for the lottery sales.

    ■Lottery Process

    We will be prioritizing the applicants through raffle drawing. In order of priority, desired items will be automatically allocated from the top rank.The first priority applicant can choose their item of choice. Afterwards, the following priority applicants will be allocated with the rest of the items.

    ※On the form please select only the items which you desire to buy.

    ■Result Confirmation

    On August, 13th after 10am the result will be posted on our official homepage, Japan Duty Free Ginza

    ■How to buy

    • Please bring a lottery ticket to our store and purchase before one week your departure date.
    • Please pick-up the items on your departure day at the airport by the person himself.

    ■Registration Requirements

    • A valid Passport original.
    • Confirmed E-ticket issued by Airlines/Copy of Itinerary
    • Customers departing Japan from Haneda or Narita airport within 8/2010/20Letter of attorney is not acceptable
    • Registration can be done only one time per person.

    ※Customers under age 20 are ineligible to register for this event.

    ※After the purchase if the flight changes in certain circumstances, it will be considered once only. If your second flight also changes, we will need to cancel your purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

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