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Japan Duty Free GINZA

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  • SHISEIDO 150th Anniversary Edition
  • SHISEIDO 150th Anniversary Edition

    Power Infusing Concentrate III

    150th Anniversary Edition 100mL 17,600yen

    Our No.1 Serum in the Travel Exclusive jumbo size
    150th Anniversary Edition

    Vital flow boosts skin’s inner defenses.
    Healthy vibrant skin thrives into the future.

    Elevate skin’s natural multi-defensive power against signs of aging,
    environmental factors, and daily stress such as dryness.
    Shiseido’s ImuGenerationRED Technology help broaden skin’s
    nutrient network and feeds collagen’s key component.
    A renewed rush of power sends waves of strength through the skin. Wrinkles are less noticeable. Skin becomes smoother, more resilient and healthy looking, with its radiance recharged.
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